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JN Special Alloy Technology Co., Ltd.

Advantage of "one-stop" processing and manufacturing service-exploit the advantages of steel mills' raw materials and provide professional solutions for the industry.


JN Alloy is a distributor and product manufacturer of stainless steel, duplex steel, and nickel-based alloy raw materials, benefiting from strong upstream raw material advantages and rich domestic and foreign steel mill resources.

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Our Mission

Service advantages of the innovative model:
  • "One-stop" processing and manufacturing service advantages - give full play to the raw material advantages of steel mills and provide professional industry solutions
  • Advanced Prefabricated Pipeline advantages - the introduction of the world's leading processing equipment, combined with the independent development and customization of the process
  • Strict quality delivery control - source material quality control, pre-delivery inspection and third-party inspection, a variety of transportation channels are optional


Why People Choose Us

Advanced equipment

Advantage of advanced equipments and processes - Introducing the
 world's leading processing equipments, combined with the
 self-development and customization of processes.

Success cases

Advantage accumulated from successful cases of different 
application scenarios - Long-term experience and technology
 accumulation in processing and manufacturing for.

Surface treatment and packaging

R&D and production of surface treatment and packaging equipment, 
logistics services and other full-process management services, as well 
as the establishment of overseas service organizations.

Factory Show


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JN Alloy is a distributor and product manufacturer of stainless steel, duplex steel, and nickel.
Tel: +86 19339900211
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