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Hastelloy C276 Bars

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What is Hastelloy?

Hastelloy is a term used to describe nickel metal that has been alloyed to increase corrosion resistance. This is primarily done through the addition of molybdenum and chromium. There are many grades of Hastelloy, with each grade having a different chemical makeup to be optimized for a specific set of properties. The primary function of the Hastelloy super alloys is that of effective survival under high-temperature, high-stress service in a moderately to severely corrosive, and/or erosion-prone environment where more common and less expensive iron-based alloys would fail, including the pressure vessels of some nuclear reactors, chemical reactors, distillation equipment, and pipes and valves in chemical industry. Although a super alloy, Hastelloy does experience degradation due to fabricating and handling. Electropolishing or passivation of Hastelloy can improve corrosion resistance.

With Hastelloy typically containing high quantities of both molybdenum and chromium, it performs better in severely corrosive environments than other specialty metal products such as Incoloy. The addition of molybdenum also increases the general workability. Hastelloy alloys are also ductile and are easily fabricated and formed. There are many Hastelloy grades, but C276 is one of the most popular grades. This grade is commonly used in the harsh environments mentioned above as well as paper and pulp production and waste treatment.

Features of Hastelloy C276

Hastelloy C276, known by its UNS N10276 designation, is a versatile and highly sought-after nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy. Hastelloy C276 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with universal corrosion resistance unmatched by any other alloy. It has outstanding resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments including ferric and cupric chlorides, hot contaminated mineral acids, solvents, chlorine and chlorine contaminated (both organic and inorganic), dry chlorine, formic and acetic acids, acetic anhydride, sea water and brine solutions and hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions. Alloy C276 also resists formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat affected zone making it useful for most chemical processes in the as-welded condition. It has excellent resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking.

Hastelloy C-276 is also one of the few materials resistant to wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide. This particular nickel alloy has exceptional resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, as well as chloride pitting. It's low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation during welding preserves its excellent resistance to corrosion during welding. This translates to C-276 being readily fabricated by welding using methods similar to those utilized for nickel-based alloys. Thanks to its high nickel content, alloy C276 is immune to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking. The high molybdenum and chromium contents allows the alloy to perform in oxidising, non-oxidising and mixed acids media, whilst also exhibiting outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion attack. The addition of tungsten inhibits the development of pits.

HASTELLOY C276 sheet 0.044" thick in the heat-treated condition at 2050°F, rapid quenched, has an average olsen cup depth of 0.48". Alloy C-276 can be successfully fabricated by many methods. The alloy tends to work harden but with the proper care, the alloy is readily hot and cold formed. Complete information on welding, machining and forming is available.

JN Alloy is a premier supplier of Hastelloy 276 nickel alloys in a wide range of formats. As an ISO 9001-certified supplier of Hastelloy C276 and most other super alloys, we pride ourselves on offering high performance Hastelloy C276 for critical applications and cutting-edge metal fabrication treatment and services. We can supply single items or full bills of Hastelloy C276 for your next project. Our in-house machining capabilities and strategic supply network allow us to source Hastelloy C276 faster than our competitors.

hastelloy C276 bars

What is Hastelloy C276 bars?

Hastelloy C276 Round Bar is a corrosion-resistant alloy made from nickel, molybdenum, and chromium. It is designed for use in harsh environments where high corrosion resistance is required. The round bar is made by shaping the alloy into a cylindrical form & then cutting it into desired lengths. UNS N10276 Round Bars offer superior corrosion resistance. This alloy resists various industrial chemicals, including chloride ion-bearing environments and extreme temperatures. Additionally, the material has excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing media, making it an ideal choice for bolt projects.

Hastelloy C276 bar stock is used with a temperature of up to 1900° F or 1038° C in an environment containing oxidative chemicals. Because of the low chromium content in the Hastelloy C276 round bar, the presence of oxidative media containing environments like hot, concentrated nitric acid is unable to function or provide good resistance. This low carbon content prevents the UNS N10276 Hastelloy Round Bars from precipitating carbide and ensures that the alloy is used in the same welded condition.UNS N10276 Round bars are designed for use in high-temperature applications such as aircraft exhaust stacks, petrochemical furnaces and fired heater tubes. Additionally, the alloy C-276 is resistant to both oxidation and corrosion which allows it to stand up even in the most extreme environments. Its composition makes it especially suitable for applications involving halide ions, particularly chloride solutions like seawater. Thus, C276 Hastelloy Round Bars are a reliable choice when considering materials for hot applications.

What are the uses of Hastelloy C276 bars?

Machining Industry: round bar is one of the most vital players in the machining industry. With the fabulous property of corrosion resistance, SS round bars are employed in manufacturing industries that are indulged in the production of fasteners and machineries. Also our hastelloy C276 bars, a highly specialized product, find their use in machining industries. These calcium treated bars are of free machining grades and thereby renders higher cutting speed and longer tool life. With precision straightened and mirror finish surfaces, these specialty round bars are widely employed in the manufacture of different machine parts.

Construction: hastelloy C276 bars are commonly used in the construction industry for various purposes, such as reinforcing concrete structures, providing roofing support, and framing structures for buildings and bridges. The round bars are also used as dowel bars to join concrete and support pavements, highways, and bridges.

Food And Beverage: The food and beverage industry also uses stainless steel rods to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. The round bars are used to manufacture equipment such as mixing tanks, storage tanks, and piping systems. hastelloy C276 resistance to corrosion also makes it ideal for processing acidic foods and beverages.

Medical: hastelloy C276 bars are commonly used in the medical industry for their ability to withstand sterilization, corrosion resistance, and strength. The round bars are used for manufacturing surgical instruments such as forceps, scissors, and tweezers. Stainless steel is also used for implants such as bone screws and dental implants due to its ability to integrate with the body.

In conclusion, hastelloy C276 round bars serve various purposes across different industries. Their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and corrosion resistance make them an ideal choice for various applications. As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect to see more applications using hastelloy C276 round bars in the future.

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